"Every day I’ve got to be thankful that I am alive, and you never know - the cliché is, I guess, you could get hit by a bus tomorrow, so you’d better be at peace with whatever you got going at the moment." - Joseph Gordon Levitt 


"Being the second child, at first, at least to me, seemed really difficult because my brother, Dan, was six and a half years older than I was and that meant he was always better at everything, whether it was a sport or a video game, anything," [x]


'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For': Joseph Gordon-Levitt ventures down a one-way road to vengeance [x]


re: your mom [x]


Teacher Stories From Teach: “The teacher I remember most was Mr. Bechtel. I had him in 11th grade for U.S. History. He told stories. It wasn’t just dates and terms. Also he treated us like people, not like children. Thank you Mr. Bechtel.” - Joseph Gordon-Levitt [x]

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The Post Season + Beyond.. [x]


are we in focus? [x]

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When I was a teenager, if anyone recognized me for anything I did, it would ruin my day. I couldn’t handle it. It was some sort of neurotic phobia. I guess I was paranoid that people would treat me differently, or in an unfair way, because of my job.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt: ”Celebrity doesn’t have anything to do with art or craft. It’s about being rich and thinking that you’re better than everybody else.”